Introducing the Arkk Craft Makers.

A content series produced by Arkk fostering an inviting culture and brand platform for entrepreneurial and innovative craft makers. With video and stills Arkk portray the person behind the craft in their respective environment, and shedding a light on individual stories and inspirational conversations. 

The Arkk Craft Maker portfolio 1.0

Kasper Ruseng

Creative expression found its form via miniature postcards. We met Kasper for a session to chat about creativity and craftsmanship.

Nina Parna / FOLK Kombucha

FOLK Kombucha is a contemporary Copenhagen brewery that blends traditional fermentation techniques with science. We met up with founder Nina at the brewery.

Kav / Arkk Copenhagen

Arkk co-founder and CEO, Kasper Høj Rasmussen talks about how tough and challenging it is to make sneakers from scratch.

Cengiz Güdücü

A brand rooted in the world of art and fashion with a vision to explore and merge the two worlds into seasonal collections that reflect the techniques and craftsmanship of both fields.