The second Arkk Craft Makers presents Nina Parna, the founder of FOLK Kombucha. Arkk Craft Makers is a content series produced by Arkk, fostering an inviting culture and brand platform for entrepreneurial and innovative craft makers to express themselves.

FOLK Kombucha is a contemporary Copenhagen brewery that blends traditional fermentation techniques with science. We met up with founder Nina at the brewery, where impressive skills and craftsmanship permeate everything from the interior, through the production process, to the staff.

In creating FOLK, Nina followed her deep-routed curiosity and fascination for fermentation, an ancient cooking method. With a background in food science, she has spent the past decades researching, developing and redefining the craft of kombucha. Leading FOLK brewery is an extension of Nina’s professional expertise and personal passion for fermentation techniques, a physical manifestation of Nina’s curiosity leading her towards her potential.

‘’We pay great attention to every parameter of the fermentation process, as well as the unique taste nuances that form the character of our beverage. Each batch ferments for several weeks, therefore we refer to it as a slow drink. Every flavor is inspired by what grows in the Nordic nature that surrounds us.’’

FOLK brewery was built in the heart of the city to serve as a knowledge hub that people can visit and can engage with. Crafting kombucha is a constant learning process, and every workday is about playing and exploring flavors with patience and dedication - a recipe that can be applied to anything in life, actually.

Tempted to taste this craft?

Find FOLK kombucha online or at selected places such as Arket and Original Coffee.

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