The third Craft Maker in the series is a well known face at Arkk, our co-founder and CEO, Kasper Høj Rasmussen, whom we just call Kav.

Naivety has fostered Kav’s courage, because if he knew how tough and challenging it would be to make sneakers from scratch, he wouldn’t have dared to start. It’s a great lesson that he reminds himself everyday. This courage and naivety have been the drivers of constant challenge and innovation behind Arkk sneakers.Crafting sneakers requires patience, clear vision, a strong team, and an innovative mindset. From a rough sketch to a final sneaker, the sample is bouncing around approximately 150 sets of hands and experts.

"My favorite sneaker of this season is Uncover. The silhouette is constantly elevated and challenging the standards of a classic and comfortable sneaker"

Besides managing the office and the overall business in Copenhagen, four times a year Kav is fully hands on with the crafting and design process at the factory. Seeing a sneaker and vision come to life is pure motivation for him. In a way, leading a team of individual employees requires the same innovative mindset as making sneakers. It’s a puzzle of unique components that support and complete each other.

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