Introducing the Arkk Craft Makers, a content series produced by Arkk, fostering an inviting culture and brand platform for entrepreneurial and innovative craft makers to express themselves. Follow along for the coming weeks where we will introduce you to four inspiring spirits crafting, creating and following their visions. 
You can expect authentic stories and inspiring insights on creativity and craftsmanship. Enjoy!

Kasper Ruseng’s creative expression found its form via miniature postcards. With patience, details and creativity he creates tiny versions of well known, or imagined places. We met him for a creative session to chat about creativity and craftsmanship, while Kasper made a miniature postcard of the Arkk Oserra silhouette. 
Kasper lives in a small city in Jutland, Denmark, where he’s constantly inspired by the stillness of his hometown. What's lacking there is the source of his growing imagination, because in his words, in Copenhagen everything already exists. 

'When I'm crafting with my hands I'm exploring and expressing what my mind can't by itself.'

To tune into his creativity, Kasper spends time offline to listen to music, run or just simply interact with his ideas. Most importantly, he is giving all ideas a fair chance to unfold. No judging, no fixed mindset, just creativity and crafting.

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