The last portrait of the first round of Craft Makers is of Cengiz Güdücü.

Arkk Craft Makers is a content series produced by Arkk fostering an inviting culture and brand platform for entrepreneurial and innovative craft makers to express themselves.

Cengiz Güdücü is a Copenhagen-based brand rooted in the world of art and fashion. The brand’s vision is to explore and merge the two worlds into seasonal collections that reflect the techniques and craftsmanship of both fields.
We met Cengiz at his studio in Vesterbro, and it was almost like entering his mind. The intimate studio beamed with creativity and inspiration and was the perfect setting for a chat about textiles, visions, and craftsmanship.

‘'The bleaching process requires my full presence and awareness because I can never predict the outcome. In this process, I’m working for the garment and not the other way around."

Cengiz's universe is known for its hand-drawn patterns and bleached prints, and his approach to crafting is 'do with what you have,' which is shown in his designs and, in general, his humble attitude towards the field and resources.

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