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Carbon Starter Kit



The starter kit from the CARBON series contains a 50 ml can of cleaning foam and a 50 ml can of protecting spray. The cleaning brush with the cleaning glove complete the set.

CLEANING FOAM - The effective cleaning foam for all materials. Apply the foam on the cleaning brush from approx. 1cm and spread it evenly on the sneaker. Then work it thoroughly into the material. At last use the damp CLEANING GLOVE to remove dirt and surplus of the cleaning foam.

PROTECTING SPRAY - The high performance protection for all materials. After the cleaning phase apply the spray with a distance of approx. 30cm on the dry sneaker and let it dry again. Done!

CLEANING BRUSH - The cleaning brush to remove coarse dirt from your sneaker before you start the wet cleaning process. Additionally usable to apply the CLEANING FOAM and to roughen nubuck and rough leather.

CLEANING GLOVE - The glove made of microfibre for thorough cleaning and care of your sneakers.

**NB not available on international shipments.**

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