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All sneakers - Men
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Sneakers for Men in Minimalist Design

At Arkk Copenhagen, you'll find a wide selection of sneakers for men that combine Scandinavian design aesthetics with the comfort, materials, and practicality of professional sports shoes. Our focus is on creating timeless, minimalist designs that can easily complement a variety of outfits. Explore our collection of men's sneakers here on the website and find a model that matches your unique style.

Attention to Detail in Every Product

For Arkk Copenhagen, it has always been our mission to change the perception of when and how sneakers can be worn. It's deeply ingrained in our DNA to create aesthetic, practical products that you can use in almost any situation. From production to design, we always strive to perfect our sneakers, taking into account even the smallest details— all to ensure you get the best and most comfortable sneakers.

At Arkk Copenhagen, you can find innovative sneakers with designs ranging from mesh to leather. We source all our materials from reliable suppliers, meaning you can always expect our sneakers to be made from durable materials that last for multiple seasons. These robust materials are also a crucial part of Arkk's identity. Our goal is not to contribute to a buy-and-throw-away culture, which is why the use of strong materials is a core value for us.

For the same reason, it's always our aim to create sneakers with designs that are not solely based on specific trends. For us, the goal is for a pair of Arkk sneakers to fit into the fashion landscape regardless of current trends. This means you can always trust that your sneakers from Arkk Copenhagen are a product you don't need to replace after just one season.

We Have Sneakers for Every Need

No matter what type of sneaker you're looking for, there's a pair of Arkk sneakers for you. We believe sneakers can fit into any situation, whether everyday or formal. Therefore, we've created a broad collection with different designs, making it easy for you to always have a pair of Arkk sneakers available.

At Arkk Copenhagen, you can find these types of sneakers, among others:

Regardless of what you value most in a sneaker design, you can trust that our wide collection allows you to choose according to your preferences. Sneakers are our great passion, and our philosophy is that it should shine through clearly in everything from design to material choice.

Waterproof Sneakers for All Weather Conditions

At Arkk Copenhagen, through innovative design and the right materials, we have created a unique collection of waterproof sneakers for men. Our collection of waterproof sneakers includes several models designed with the same philosophy as our other models—minimalist and practical. In our collection, you'll find models with a classic sneaker look and models that fuse features from boots and sneakers, such as the innovative Duratek Nylon HL TX-22 and Zeatrk Nylon HL 2.0 T-G9.

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Explore Arkk Copenhagen's Bestsellers

Among our bestsellers, you'll find the most popular models across all our collections. Here, you'll find everything from classic white leather sneakers to 90s-inspired lightweight models in mesh. In our bestsellers section, you'll also find a selection of clothing and accessories that can be paired with your sneakers. Explore our best-selling products and find the ideal pair of sneakers for everyday wear.

Maintain Your Sneakers with Professional Care Products

Good sneakers require good care, and at Arkk Copenhagen, you can find various types of care products that can extend the lifespan of your sneakers. In our collection of care products, you'll find, among other things, waterproofing spray and stain remover that can make your sneakers extra resistant to water. In the collection, you'll also find odor removers that can be sprayed in your sneakers after a long day.

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Contact Us Regarding Your Purchase

No matter what questions you have, you can always contact our customer service. At Arkk Copenhagen, we are dedicated to offering you the best customer service, whether you have questions about products, materials, or sizes. We can be reached via email or phone, and if you happen to be nearby, you're always welcome to visit our store at Østergade 1, 1100 Copenhagen K.