For our second #sheislimitless profile, we chat with Copenhagen-based Entrepreneur Dagmar Eline: Craftswoman, Sneaker head, and Professional Wood Joiner.

Dagmar Eline on the streets of Copenhagen, wearing the all new ARKK Serinin Mesh S-E15.

Introducing Dagmar Eline: Craftswoman, Entrepreneur, Sneakerhead, and Skilled Wood Joiner

A little unclear about the difference between a carpenter and a wood joiner (we certainly were)? According to Wikipedia, “a joiner is an artisan who builds things by joining pieces of wood, particularly lighter and more ornamental work than that done by a carpenter, including furniture and the "fittings" of a house, ship, etc...a joiner usually produces items such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, furniture, etc.”

As both a sculptor and professional wood joiner, Copenhagener Dagmar Eline has got some serious skills. And, as a part of our inaugural #sheislimitless campaign, Dagmar has inspired us with her diverse talents, her commitment to craft, and her clever wit. Her newest endeavor, the charming Hængepottepatter which combines traditional pottery with a bit of modern, cheeky humor is guaranteed to make you smile.

This summer we were lucky enough to sit down with Dagmar to learn about her love of wood working, the origin of the her infamous hængepotter, and, of course, her love of sneakers...

Okay, first things first: we gotta know the story behind Hængepottepatter...

Yeah, so, I made my first hængepat about a year and a half ago. All the pots are handmade by me and, so, each one is unique. The idea came from the Danish word hængepotte (‘hanging pot’) which sounds a lot like hængepatter (‘saggy boobs’). I know the joke doesn’t really translate perfectly in English, but in Danish it always seems to make people smile (you can see Dagmar’s adorably ‘saggy’ planters here). When I shared the first pots on Instagram, I got a lot of positive feedback and several requests for more pots. So, just like that, Hængepottepatter took off and now it’s a creative business that I’m trying to grow.

What is something that you have learned from the process of growing Hængepottepatter from a hobby to a business?

Starting a business on my own is something I’ve always wanted to do, but before I actually did it, I wasn’t sure that I would ever manage to make it happen. So, when I started Hængepatter and got such positive feedback, that gave me the courage I needed to evolve the idea from hobby into a business. Realizing that people were genuinely excited about my ideas (the pots), then I felt like, ‘yeah, I can make this work on my own.’

Along with Hængepottepatter, you primarily work as a wood joiner. What drew you to this kind of work?

I chose to study and apprentice as a wood joiner because I wanted to do something with my hands. In my opinion, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn a craft. Being able to go to work everyday and to use my hands, my creativity, and my energy on something where I don’t have to sit still, it just just suits me perfectly. Also, I think that wood is such an amazing material to work with and is so naturally full of creative potential. Ultimately, my dream is to someday be able to work with a combination of joinery and scenography (set and stage design).

It’s clear that you aren’t afraid to take on a challenge and push the limits...what does the word ‘limitless’ mean to you as a young entrepreneur and craftswoman?

I’m from a very creative family, so, I’ve grown up my entire life letting my ideas and creativity run free and be pretty ‘limitless.’ Also, I’m a pretty impatient person, so I don’t like to move slowly. I want to try everything, do everything—even if I can’t be good at everything—I have to at least try the things that interest me. In a way, this is what it means to be ‘limitless’—to listen to my feelings and be willing to at least explore the unknown.

The #sheislimitless campaign is all about the women that inspire us. Who are some women in your life that inspire you?

There are a lot of people who inspire me but I don’t really have a single ‘idol’ or anything like that. In general, I get inspired from the women around me: women I meet each and everyday, those younger than me and those that are older. I think it’s import to see the beauty in others, to appreciate our different values and talents and, perhaps most importantly, to compliment and appreciate each other despite the differences we might have.

Clearly, you are a woman on the move, juggling multiple careers and a busy life—what are the everyday fashion essentials that you can’t live without?

Most days, I just wear whatever I’m in the mood to wear, I don’t have any particular rules about it. The majority of clothes in my closet are vintage / second hand, which makes my style a bit more personal because I’m not wearing the same looks as others hat I pass on the street. That said, the one thing that I wear almost everyday is sneakers. My love for sneakers started when I was little and that love never faded. Sneaks are simply the most comfortable option and they fit with everything I want and need to do in life. I wear sneakers in so many different ways and in a lot of different combinations—just can’t live without them.

You can learn follow Dagmar’s creative journey on Instagram and order your very own, handmade Hængepottepatter here.

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