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What Dad Really Wants: The ARKK Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father's Day just around the corner (in many countries), we asked the rad dads here in the ARKK office what they really want this year (uh...sneakers, obviously). Here's a real talk gift guide from the five proud papas who keep the 'dad jokes' coming all year 'round here at ARKK Copenhagen HQ. Check out the kicks the ARKK dads picked...

Gift Ideas From The Rad Dads of ARKK Copenhagen

With Father's Day just around the corner (it's June 17, by the way), we asked the rad dads here in the ARKK office what they really want this year (uh...sneakers, obviously!). Here's a real talk gift guide from the five proud papas who keep the 'dad jokes' coming all year 'round here at ARKK Copenhagen.

Read on for Dad's Day gift tips for every kind of dad in your life, whether he's artsy, sporty, on the go, obsessed with sneakers, or brand new to the diaper changing game. Special thanks to our ARKK team: Lars, Henrik, Martin M., Martin H., and Austin for all the fatherly wisdom.


Lars Hauschildt, Art Director

Thoughts On The #Dadlife: "Having small kids and a job you love is like having a time machine with only a fast-forward-mode and no off-button. I wish I could slow everything down so I could enjoy everything even more and be able to savor all the wonderful little things."

Style Recommendations: "I like to go with something that's breathable and that looks great even when it gets a bit dusty. This way, you’ll be able to throw yourself onto the ground while playing ninjas without worrying too much about your getting your kicks dirty.”

Lars' Sneaker Picks For The Creative Dad:



Henrik Munk, Global Sales Manager

Thoughts On The #Dadlife: Becoming a father is the most terrifying and awesome thing ever. I had no idea of what I was getting myself into: life changes all of a sudden and now you actually have to start planning your days, but I’m honestly loving every second of it, except the tooth brushing battles. Nobody likes the toothbrushing battles.”

Style Recommendation: “The little one will be stepping on your feet constantly, so make sure you have some dark colored sneakers because they’ll mess up your white kicks in no time.”

Henrik's Sneaker Picks For The Sneakerhead Dad:




Martin Maaløe, Chief Marketing Officer

Thoughts On The #Dadlife: “I’m a father of two and a father with two jobs. My second starts as soon as my 'day job' ends. At times the second job is the hardest one—but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I love being a dad and experiencing this little “thing” you co-created becoming an incredible little person.”

Style Recommendation: 
“Summer is here and it’s time to go with white sneakers. Also, the FutureGrid uppers help your feet breathe on those warmer days of the year.”

Martin's Sneaker Picks For The Sporty Dad:


Martin Haislund, Finance Manager

Thoughts On The #Dadlife: "If you have a dog who likes to sleep in your bed, you're going to need a bigger bed! But seriously, having a newborn changes your life completely. Now someone else is setting the pace and you have to adapt. But seeing your own child growing and changing every day is the best feeling ever."

Style Recommendation: “Go with a versatile style that fits a lot of different looks. With a newborn, you probably don't have too much time to plan your outfit anyway.

Martin's Sneaker Picks For The New Dad:



Austin Sailsbury, Chief Copywriter

Thoughts On The #Dadlife: "Being a dad is a mini marathon every single day. We're constantly running (and cycling) around the city—to the park, to the bakery, to the beach, to the zoo. Half the battle is staying caffeinated and the other half is anticipating my little man's every physical want and emotional need. No big deal, right?"

Style Recommendation: “For me, the perfect sneaker is ready for anything, because life flows seamlessly from the office to the daycare to a date night (when you can get one).”

Austin's Sneaker Picks For The Dad On The Go:

Still can't decide? Check out the full range of Men's sneakers from ARKK here. Happy Father's Day!






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