August 15, 2017

ARKK Copenhagen unveils their most minimalistic silhouette yet, a one-piece knitted dream: Spyqon FG H-X1

On a mission to continue forging the way for minimalistic sneakers, ARKK Copenhagen releases the decidedly immaculate Spyqon FG H-X1 on Tuesday, August 15 at 4 PM (CET) in three true-to-Nordic color treatments of Black, Ash and Army. The single piece FutureGrid upper creates a refined fit and gives ultimate heel-to-toe flexibility but most importantly, expresses the authentic design origins of the Danish-based brand.

Lightweight FutureGrid upper

Constructed completely with ARKK Copenhagen’s own custom FutureGrid woven material, this style is one of the most form-fitting silhouettes of the collection. The material execution of the FutureGrid, sewn into one single piece, comprises of dedicated knitting patterns to form a skeleton-like structure of the fabric. In the end, provides the ultimate balance between comfort and stretch in all the right places. Paired with flexible silicon heel pieces and built on the next generation lightweight Hover-X1 outsole, this pair was designed with the basic principles of Nordic design in mind: minimal effort, maximum functionality.

Design inspiration - 8 House in Copenhagen

If you look closely, you can see elements of the Danish award-winning, 8 House in Ørestaden apparent in the Spyqon FG H-X1’s unique and recognizable look. From above 8 House, you will see that the building is shaped as an “8” or for the dreamers, an infinity sign. When looking at the Spyqon FG H-X1 model from above, the elastic laces have been looped around to create a similar infinity design, which creates just the right amount of tension for a simple, comfortable fit that lasts.

● GLOBAL RELEASE | Tuesday, August 15. Available at selected stockists or on the ARKK Copenhagen web shop from 4 PM (CET) / 10 AM (EST).

● PRICE | €155 / $180 USD * can vary across markets




ARKK Copenhagen is a Nordic sneaker brand established by two Danish co-founders with a passion for streetwear style. Without finding a brand that expressed their own personal style, they set out to create their own. In two short years, the minimalist silhouettes are in over 36 countries across the world. After finding their place in the sneaker world, the brand continues their commitment to redefine simple, clean sneaker design.


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