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ARKK Copenhagen - Black Friday Cyber Monday results

We did it!

Thanks to you, we did it. Over this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend weekend alone, we raised enough money to sponsor 210 children in Vietnam for a month. The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation deserves every penny of this donation to provide robust support for children to grow and develop, breaking through the poverty cycle and gain an education.

With the Vietnamese population over 90 million and increasing by over a million every year, every bit helps to provide the the much needed support for children. Imagine the impact we can make in just four days. The cause to help these children doesn't stop now, it's just the beginning.

To continue to help The Christina Noble Children's Foundation, click here to donate: http://www.cncf.org/donate.html or sponsor a child of your own: https://www.cncf.org/sponsor-a-child.html

The Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Together, we can all make a difference. Thank you.


Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen
ARKK Copenhagen


20% of all webshop sales during Black Friday weekend including Cyber Monday will be donated to The Christina Noble’s Children Foundation in Vietnam.

Read the letter from ARKK Copenhagen Co-founders below.



Letter from the Co-founders

Since the very beginning, we knew creating this company was more than just creating a great pair of sneakers we would be proud of. It was about building a different kind of company. One that would help us realise not only our passion for sneakers, but for creating a business that also took care of all those around us.

As consumers, it’s often a mystery how products are developed from inception to sale. Exactly how many resources, hands, hours go into a product. What are the impacts to the local economy and its citizens. Whether they are within our headquarters or in our production facilities overseas, we think about everyone who contributes ARKK Copenhagen as a whole, each and every day.

For our last Global Sales Meeting, our Copenhagen-based team and global team of partners visited our factories in Vietnam. Many were surprised by the sheer amount of staff it took to make a pair of sneakers: approximately 200 pairs of hands. That’s 200 people, that we as a company have the ability to take care of, ensure good working facilities and proper working conditions.

Then there are the others who might not be so lucky. In Vietnam, millions of families - especially those living in poor, rural and ethnic minorities are at risk. Medical care is de-prioritised, inaccessible and expensive. Although the gap between rich and poor is improving, Ho Chi Minh is home to the largest number of street children in Vietnam, with a vast majority of them becoming victims of child labor, sexual abuse or drug trafficking.


The Christina Noble Children's Foundation

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

In 1989, Christina Noble arrived in Vietnam with a goal to assist children in need. Against all odds, she set up The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City in 1991 which has since developed over 100 projects across both Vietnam and Mongolia. These projects include providing vital health services, education opportunities and community development support programmes to thousands of vulnerable children and their families each year.

As a team, we were grateful to have been invited to ‘The Sunshine Social and Medical Centre’ in Ho Chi Minh which is the focal point of CNCF’s operations in Vietnam. The centre is full of life, love and hope for the children at the facility, giving them more than just basic needs to live - CNCF is their family. 

The team have successfully saved thousands of children’s lives and we want you to join us to help them continue their mission. The emotional impact left on our entire team at ARKK Copenhagen continues to live with each of us every day. We can’t stop thinking about the children we were honored to meet.

That is why, for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, we have decided consciously not to offer discounts on our web shop. Instead, we will donate 20% of all web shop sales during Black Friday weekend (Friday, November 24 to Monday, November 27) to The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. We know without a doubt, that this will directly benefit children and families in Vietnam in need. If you are also interested in donating personally, you can do so here: https://www.cncf.org/donate.html

As always, be kind to others and stay cool.


// Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen

ARKK Copenhagen



The ARKK Copenhagen team visits The Christina Noble Children's Foundation in Vietnam. All photos are taken at The Sunshine and Medical Centre in Ho Chi Minh City.