Leisure Shoes

Leisure Shoes
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Design, comfort, and practical function for everyone

At Arkk Copenhagen, we create sneakers suitable for everyday wear and hiking for those with an active lifestyle. We believe that high quality, sleek design, and comfort are the cornerstones of the perfect sneaker. Taking classic elements from sports shoes, we incorporate them into a wide range of stylish designs - all with a genuine Scandinavian twist.

We believe that it's the small details that ultimately determine whether you'll want to wear your sneakers every single day. When you purchase sneakers from Arkk Copenhagen, you can rest assured that everything from the sole to the laces has been meticulously thought out down to the smallest detail. At Arkk, we're enthusiasts through and through. That means we're constantly working to optimize fit, materials, and design to ensure you get the ultimate sneakers on your shelf.

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For everyday wear and leisure

At Arkk, we believe that sneakers can be versatile in all situations. Our design philosophy takes the most essential elements from classic shapes of renowned brands and shapes them according to our own Scandinavian conviction. In our shoes for both women and men, you can expect clean lines and a minimum of unnecessary design elements.

Our goal is for Arkk sneakers to be suitable for everyday activities and more challenging adventures. We create sneakers that can be used for city walks, long forest hikes, and running - all without sore feet. And the best part is that despite the practical features, you don't have to compromise on sleek design.

Leisure shoes for both men and women

Are you looking for stylish shoes for the whole family? At Arkk Copenhagen, you'll find leisure shoes for both women and men. Through beautiful design, carefully selected materials, and a wide selection, we give you the best conditions for choosing the perfect sneakers - no matter the purpose. Several of our popular models blend sports shoes with classic sneakers, meaning you can wear them every day - all year round.

Some of Arkk's most popular models include:

  • Waste Zero FG PET TX-22
  • City Racr Mesh AH2
  • Raven FG PET Vulkn Vibram

Regardless of which model you prefer, you can be sure that the design is well thought out and meticulously crafted. All models are available for both women and men, so there's ample opportunity for everyone to enjoy comfort and design at a new level.

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Find the right care products for your sneakers

At Arkk, we believe that sneakers should last a long time, and with the right care products, you can ensure that your sneakers have an even longer life. At Arkk Copenhagen, we have a wide range of professional care products suitable for a variety of materials. In our selection, you'll find cleaning foam, waterproofing sprays, and complete cleaning sets to make your cleaning routine as easy as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase, you're always welcome to contact our customer service. We can be reached via email or phone, and no matter where you contact us, you can rest assured that we'll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible. If you prefer to find your own answers, you can also visit our frequently asked questions page here.