#SheIsLimitless Profile: Stylist & Art Director Mia Holdgaard

#SheIsLimitless Profile: Stylist & Art Director Mia Holdgaard

Introducing our first ever #sheislimitless profile, featuring the multi-talented Mia Holdgaard. Mia is a Copenhagen-based stylist, art director, creative consultant, DJ, and one very busy mom. 

Mia Holdgaard - Serinin Collection Mia on the streets of Copenhagen, wearing the all new ARKK Serinin Mesh S-E15.

Introducing #SheIsLimitless

Introducing our first ever #sheislimitless profile, featuring the multi-talented Mia Holdgaard. Mia is a Copenhagen-based stylist, art director, creative consultant, DJ, and one very busy mom. Some of Mia’s past work includes collaborations with clients such as Swatch, Warner Music, Clarks Shoes, Sony Music, Thrillist, Superior Magazine, Universal Music, and VICE media—so, basically, she’s a badass. But, what we admire most about Mia is how she combines an incredible eye for style with genuine passion, authentic kindness, and a mad serious work ethic. This summer, we were lucky enough to sit down with Mia to discuss the importance of legacy, her battle to overcome chronic pain, and her undying love for vintage tracksuits.

Here is our conversation with the undeniably limitless Mia Holdgaard...

You have a really impressive client list, can you tell us a bit about what inspires you as you work with clients and brands?

Every client is different and it’s important to me that their personality shines through in whatever photos or videos we’re working on. It’s not about me, it’s about the client’s vision. So, when it comes to inspiration, I find it everywhere—through meditation, from the people I work with, by looking at people in the streets, and, of course, through a little bit of Instagram stalking just like everyone else.

Mia Holdgaard - Serinin Collection

How would you describe your personal, everyday fashion sense: what are your wardrobe essentials?

Sneakers and tracksuits are the essentials in my wardrobe. I love combining vintage tracksuits with high end sneakers. I don’t wear that much makeup, but I ‘bling it up’ with some jewelry and chains around the ankle or with funky socks. For me, that’s the everyday look.

When you hear the word, 'limitless' - what does that mean to you personally and how does this concept inform your lifestyle?

For me, ‘limitless’ is about doing things that I once thought were impossible, until I actually went out and tried them. For example, I once designed a clothing line that sold out worldwide, I DJ’ed at Miami Fashion Week and I twice won X-Factor as a creative consultant / stylist. All of these things sort of feel ‘unreal’ in a way, but as I look back, I’m really proud of each of these accomplishments. I think being limitless means being willing to stop out of my comfort zone to try new things—it’s the only way to overcome doubts and see what’s possible.

What is a something in your life that you once thought was impossible but that you later overcame?

Well, seven and half years ago, I learned that there’s a good chance I could be totally paralyzed someday. I was diagnosed with a disease that causes me chronic pain and, unfortunately, there’s no cure for it. Honestly, there are some days when I can’t even get up and walk. And, although for some people, this is total debilitating, I’ve decided that this disease is not going to define me as a person.

The #sheislimitless campaign is all about women that inspire us. Who is a woman in your life that really inspires you?

There’s no one, specific woman that I would call, ‘an idol,’ but my mom is certainly an inspiration to me because she is such a strong woman. I also believe that all women are inspiring, and each of us have the ability to inspire one another everyday even without knowing it.

What advice do you have for other women who might be interested in working in a creative field like art direction / styling?

Number one, you have to be yourself—don’t try and change to fit some stereotype, just be you. Then, you have to prove yourself through hard work. Be humble, stay positive, and work fucking hard. That’s what it takes. And, obviously, try not to piss off your clients.

Mia Holdgaard - Serinin Collection

You can learn more about Mia Holdgaard at her website and follow her stylish adventures on Instagram.

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