Introducing the All New Octako FG W13: Available Sept. 7, 2018

Introducing the All New Octako FG W13: Available Sept. 7, 2018

The Octako FG W13 is for those who dare. Constructed with a custom 3D-knit FutureGrid upper and the bold WAVE13 sole unit, the Octako is a sneaker that’s more than a sneaker—it’s a rebellion against the status quo. Available worldwide on Friday, September 7 at 1:00pm CET.

A 'Stop-In-The-Street' Statement Sneaker

When Thomas and Kasper, the founders of ARKK Copenhagen, introduced the world to their first sneaker design in 2015, the Raven S-E15 generated a flurry of positive press, buzz at fashion fairs, and regular interest each time the guys wore their Ravens out in public. Not since the first Raven have Thomas and Kasper experienced the same level of organic, ‘stopped-in-the-street’ interest in a new sneaker design. Not until now. Not until the Octako.

Big, Bold, Deceptively Simple

With its laceless, sock-like profile and chunky, outsized WAVE13 sole unit, the Octako FG W13 inevitably attracts adjectives from the realm of sci-fi: ‘futuristic,’ ‘space-age,’ even ‘otherworldly.’ But however you describe it, the daring new Octako by ARKK Copenhagen is, unquestionably, a sneaker that demands attention.

From a distance, this deceptively simple sneaker is a clean, minimalist high top. But, upon closer inspection, the form fitting Octako proves that it is as detail-rich as it is elegant. Featuring a custom designed FutureGrid upper made from three distinct knit patterns (3D knit), ARKK branded logo detailing across vamp, custom heel tab, a molded silicone heel piece, and ARKK’s ultra-voluminous WAVE13 sole unit, the Octako is a statement sneaker created for the streetwear enthusiast who’s not afraid to challenge expectations and push the limits.

A Vision For The Future

ARKK co-founder and creative director Kasper Høj Rasmussen describes the new Octako silhouette as a preview of ARKK’s vision for the future. While retaining the ultra-clean ARKK design DNA, Rasmussen says that the Octako "stands alone" as a kind of sculptural object, “there is a special kind of power in the Octako’s bold simplicity and we’re proud to introduce it to the world and to see how people are going to merge the Octako with their own personal style.”

Key Design Features of the Octako FG W13: 

    • All new sneaker silhouette for Fall Winter 2018,
    • High top profile,
    • Laceless pull on / slip on fit,
    • 3D knit FutureGrid upper,
    • Accent color detailing,
    • Molded silicone heel piece featuring ARKK logo,
    • Sculptural, ultra chunky WAVE13 sole unit,
    • ARKK branded logo detailing across vamp.

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