Introducing the All New Asymtrix Mesh F-PRO90

Introducing the All New Asymtrix Mesh F-PRO90

Pulling design inspiration from both modern streetwear and the street itself, the all new Asymtrix Mesh F-PRO90 from ARKK Copenhagen is a study in how asymmetry can be utilized to create a distinct kind of bold, aesthetic harmony. 

Modern Streetwear Inspired by the Street

Here at ARKK, we have always been inspired by the clean, simple elegance that defines Nordic architecture and design. Since day one, we have been on a quest to craft sneakers that embody the Scandinavian ideals of modern, functional aesthetics.

At the same time, we are continually influenced by the organic and patchwork beauty that arises from the ever-changing urban landscape—from those places where the natural and the man-made collide, where ancient half timbered buildings lean into the shadows of towering glass skyscrapers, where classical statuary gets tagged with contemporary graffiti, where the past intersects with the present in countless ways. We find this beauty everywhere we go: from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, from Berlin to NYC, from Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne and Sydney. Everywhere we look, there is inspiration to be found in the imperfection of the modern city and its streets.

Asymtrix: Harmony Through Asymmetry 

Pulling design inspiration from both modern streetwear and the beauty of the street itself, the all new Asymtrix Mesh F-PRO90 from ARKK Copenhagen is a study in how irregularity can be utilized to create a distinct kind of harmony. At first glance, the Asymtrix is a classic leather, retro-inspired lace up sneaker. But, upon closer inspection, the Asymtrix’s premium materials and slightly-off-center detailing reveal a number of intentional design decisions meant to challenge expectations and delight the true sneaker enthusiast. While the Asymtrix’s diagonal vamp detailing and perforated leather heel piece are direct references to ARKK’s original sneaker design—the Raven S-E15—the Asymtrix’s tonal, embroidered logos, off center heel and tongue tabs, padded lining, and use of the all new F-PRO90 sole unit, point to a whole new chapter of ARKK design innovation.

A New Nordic Sneaker Icon

According to ARKK Creative Director Kasper Høj Rasmussen, the Asymtrix is a design that the brand has been eagerly waiting to share with the world for more than a year. “All of us really believe in the Asymtrix,” explains Rasmussen, “the new silhouette, the mix of materials, the special detailing—the whole concept is something we’re really proud of.” When asked about the significance of the new Asymtrix, Rasmussen points to the ongoing evolution of ARKK as a brand, “in some subtle ways, we’re pointing back to the design of the Raven and, at the same time, with the Asymtrix we’re looking to establish the next ARKK icon—a style that people will fall in love with and that will be around for a really long time.”

With the bold, sporty F-PRO90 sole unit and the the Asymtrix’s leather upper and classic lace up profile, the team at ARKK HQ believes this newest sneaker represents a natural evolution of Nordic design and precision detailing. “We talk a lot about the future of the brand and the direction our designs should go and, without question, we feel that the Asymtrix is the right way forward.”

Key Design Features of the Asymtrix Mesh F-PRO90

  • All New ARKK Silhouette,
  • Sporty Mid Top Profile,
  • Hybrid Mosaic Mesh and Premium Leather Upper,
  • All New F-PRO90 Sole Unit,
  • Asymmetrical Detailing Throughout,
  • Perforated Leather Heel Piece,
  • Full Length, Ultra Soft Lining,
  • Subtle ARKK Branding on Tongue Pull Tab.

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