ARKK Copenhagen is Bringing Scandinavian Heat To The US

ARKK Copenhagen is Bringing Scandinavian Heat To The US


Fact: sneakers and sneaker culture were born and bred in America. But since those early, sports-centered days, the influence of sneakers has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that’s reach seems limitless. From the streets of Mexico City to the runways of Paris and Milan, sneaker culture is always evolving, always being re-imagined. And now, for the first time, ARKK Copenhagen is bringing our sneaker game back to where it all started...

With the launch of this month, we are proud to introduce our growing line of iconic sneakers to the US market. Rooted in our passion for design, architecture, and Nordic craftsmanship, ARKK Copenhagen makes clean, simple sneakers. Informed by the pioneers of streetwear and inspired by today’s boundary-pushing Danish designers, ARKK is challenging the idea that a sneaker is just a shoe. With minimalist colorways, ultra-sleek silhouettes, and innovative construction, we are both humbled and thrilled to bring our interpretation of modern sneaker design to a whole new audience.

From LA to NYC and everywhere in between

At the new, our minimalist kicks will be available to sneaker lovers in LA, NYC, and everywhere in between. With four drops a year, we’re excited to finally announce that we’re bringing the Scandinavian Heat to the US of A. And to celebrate the launch of our US website, ARKK Copenhagen is offering free shipping on all orders (*sorry, offer not available for Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico). Remember to order by December 15 to receive your ARKKs by Christmas Eve.


Joe Lombardo is a New Jersey-based photographer, vlogger, sneaker aficionado, and a part of the ARKK V.E.A program. Joe recently shared some serious social media love for our ARKK Raven FG 2.0 in Disrupted Camo Orange (part of our Pre Spring 2018 drop). What we admire about Joe is his relentless pursuit to unite his passions. “Photography was always something that interested me,” Joe recently told us, “I always thought it was fascinating to literally capture a moment. And when it comes to what I do on Instagram and Youtube, that’s just my way of combining two things I love: sneakers and photography.”

The ARKK V.E.A. crew is an exclusive squad of creatives from all across the globe with distinguished styles, sophisticated words and mad skills behind the lens. 

Visit or click the image below to sign up and to be the first to know when the new site and online store goes live.


*Free shipping to all 50 states except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.